Satan during Sugar Rush mode in Sugar Shooter.

Sugar Rush mode refers to a state that will strengthen the playable-character's senses, making him see everything around him slower. This also changes the Magic Circle's color and increases its size while decreasing the Sugar Level. Sugar Rush Attacks require the playable-character to have 100% Sugar Level or above to perform. If the playable-character is hit by a bullet during Sugar Rush mode, he will be forced out of Sugar Rush mode, and Sugar Level will be reset to 0. He will not lose a Life, but due to the loss of sugar, everything around him will move much faster until his Sugar Level is back to 100.

Sugar Rush Attack refers to the special Attack Patterns performed by boss-characters as well as the special attacks used by playable-characters in Sugar Rush mode.

Sugar Rush Attacks are unique to the boss-character's bullet theme and Attack Patterns. These include special bullets that can not be consumed by the Magic Circle, which therefore must be completely avoided until they leave the screen. A playable-character's Sugar Rush Attack is used to perform Armor Breaks on the bosses; this is also used to destroy enemy bullets.