Title en2
Designer Takezamurai
Platform Windows, Mac

Sugar★Shooter 2 (シュガー★シューター2) is the first sequel in the Sugar Shooter série of erotic shoot'em ups. It is being produced by Dudedle Studio, with artist Takezamurai. It features a number of updates from the first Sugar Shooter, and it's being released for Windows and Mac operating systems.


The game introduces new characters, 3D backgrounds, five full-stages, laser shots, and more.[1][2] A stage demo has also been confirmed. [3] Originally, there were three difficulty settings, Sweet, Normal, and Bitter, but Candied will be added as an easier option than Sweet, while Bitter was made more difficult.[4] The first game also featured stages only available in boss-rush mode, but in the sequel full stages are to be implemented.[2]


All characters from the first game have been confirmed as well as a number of new characters.[5][2]



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