Agyou and Ungyou
Title(s) Komainu, Lion-Dogs
Affiliation(s) Wagashi Kingdom, King Fuuma
Hair Color       White       Vermilion
Eye Color       Black
Game Debut Sugar Shooter 2

Agyou (阿形) and Ungyou (吽形) first appear in Sugar Shooter 2 as enemies to Prince Satan.


Sugar Shooter 2Edit

Angyou and Ungyou maybe possible familiars to King Fuuma, much like Frey to Prince Satan.



Agyou and Ungyou are komainu, and as such take on the characteristics of a lion and dog hybrid.

Agyou is characterized with an open mouth. He has large, round eyes and a round nose. His ears are droopy, and he has a curly mane and tail. They are vermilion in color, and his fur is very short and white in color.

Ungyou is characterized with a closed mouth. He has small, slanted eyes and a wide nose. His ears are pointy, and he has a spiraling horn in his forehead. He also has a wavy, vermilion tail and short, white fur.


  • Agyou and Ungyou collectively represent A-un, a Japanese transliteration of the syllable Om; two letters symbolically representing the beginning and end of all things.
    • Furthermore, Agyou has his mouth open to pronounce the sound "a", while Ungyou has his closed to utter the sound "um".