Aka and Ao
Title(s) Oni Twins, Red Oni, Blue Oni
Affiliation(s) Oni Papa
Hair Color       Blond
Eye Color       Umber
Game Debut Sugar Shooter 2

Aka (朱) and Ao (蒼) first appear in Sugar Shooter 2 as enemies to Prince Satan.


Sugar Shooter 2Edit



Aka and Ao are boys with bodybuilder-like physiques and light skin-tones; Aka's being red and Ao's being blue. Aka's eyes are sharp and wide-set, and Ao's are oblong and curve-cornered; the color is a burnt umber.

As oni, Aka and Ao have a number of distinguishing features. Each possess pointed-ears, inhuman skin-tones, and horn-nubs; Aka has one in the middle of his forehead and Ao has two on either side of his.

Aka's hair is short and spiky, as is Ao's; the only difference being Ao's includes short, choppy bangs in the middle of his horn-nubs. The color is a golden-blond. Aka's eyebrows are thick and rectangular, and Ao's are moderately thick and arch down. They also have body hair which grows from their underarms, legs, and pubic region.

Their outfits are based on typical attire of oni from Japanese folklore. Each wears a raggedy, tiger-skin loincloth; both tied together on either side of their hips. They also wear white wraps on their wrists and ankles. Black tabi-socks are included. Additionally, each wield variations of kanabō.



  • The literal meanings of their names are "Red" and "Blue," respectively.
  • Aka and Ao each possess a canine-tooth; as does Tarosuke.