SS2 Frey

SS - SS2

Title(s) Servant
Affiliation(s) Sugar Kingdom, Prince Satan
Eye Color       Black
Game Debut Sugar Shooter

“Yes, sir!”
Frey, Sugar Shooter

Frey (フレイ) is the servant of Prince Satan, and follows him at all times in Sugar Shooter.


Sugar ShooterEdit

The kingdom is invaded by four strangers, who begin eating all of the land's sweets. As his servant, Frey joins Satan as he sets out to save the kingdom and drive the invaders away.

During Satan's encounters, Frey flies around Satan's Magic Circle as Satan switches in and out of attack form.

Sugar Shooter 2Edit

Frey will appear alongside Satan for the sequel along with all other characters from the first game.[1]



Frey appears to be some kind of sprite-creature. He is small, round, and green in color. He has nub-like arms, and black, oval-shaped eyes. He also has blue angel-wings, similar to Satan.


Frey is a loyal servant, and enjoys sweets with his master. He cares for Satan, but gets embarrassed at some of his actions.

However, Frey also shown to dislike servants who are cuter than he is.Proven when he tells Agyou and Ungyou "Regret for being born" when they duo were defeated.



  • "What a great victory, Prince Satan! Congratulations, sir!"Sugar Shooter
  • "Yes, sir!"Sugar Shooter


  • Frey shares his name with the god of fertility and dispenser of rain and sunshine. His name may also be based on the chocolate.
  • Frey has shown up in other works by Takezamurai outside of Sugar Shooter.[2]


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