Title(s) Forest Rounin
Affiliation(s) None
Hair Color       White       Vermilion
Eye Color       Green
Game Debut Sugar Shooter 2

Kibi (吉備) is introduced as a non-playable boss character for the 2nd Episode of Sugar Shooter 2.


Sugar Shooter 2Edit

Kibi, a stray samurai, preys on innocent people whom he can rob and take advantage of. Prince Satan



Kibi is a boy with a bodybuilder-like physique and a dark, ebony skin-tone. His eye is narrow and sharp-cornered with a thin pupil; the color is green. Kibi's black eye-patch is his distinguishing feature.

Kibi's hair is styled like a topknot, being tied back to a high ponytail; the color is white and vermilion. His eyebrows are thin and slanted. He also has body hair which grows from his underarms, legs, and pubic region.

Kibi's outfit is based on feudal Japanese attire. He wears a drapey yukata, with an obi tied into a bow at the front. It is yellow with black lining, and is patterned in white flowers. He also wears a long, fur muffler. Underneath, he wears a vermilion fundoshi with a long cloth. A pair of high, wooden geta with black straps are included. Additionally, Kibi wields dual katana and smokes a kiseru.



  • "Well hello there, half-pint!"Sugar Shooter 2
  • You punks are from another kingdom, right? You're gonna have to pony up something valuable to get through me!"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Huh?"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Grrrh, I'll rip your stuffing out!! Orahhhhhh!!"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Eh?"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Keh... this guy's tougher than he looks..."Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Hey!"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Hey!!"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Don't just ignore meeee!"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "This time I'm going at full strength! Hraaaahh!"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Damn, how could I lose so easily...?"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Eek!"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "I, I won't be broken in by a pervert like you!"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Hngg..."Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Huahhh... Hunhh.... Hngh-"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Hnggh---!"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "*cough* *cough*"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Uwaaaahhh!!"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "T-Take it ouuut!"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "I swear, I swear! Please...!"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Ngahaaaaaahh!"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "...So... so am I...."Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Ngh---!"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "From this moment on, I'll live an honest life!"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Thank you, Master Satan!"Sugar Shooter 2