King Fuuma
Title(s) King, Tengu
Affiliation(s) Wagashi Kingdom
Hair Color       Scarlet
Eye Color       Scarlet
Game Debut Sugar Shooter 2

King Fuuma (風真) first appears in Sugar Shooter 2 as an enemy to Prince Satan.


Sugar Shooter 2Edit



Fuuma has a bodybuilder-like physique with a light, beige skin-tone. Fuuma's black avian-wings are his distinguishing feature.

Fuuma's outfit is based on typical attire of tengu from Japanese folklore. He wears a yamabushi priest robe. It fades in the middle from black to scarlet, and includes a tan-colored sash with white pom-poms referred to as yuigesa. He also wears a pair of white shorts, and he is barefoot. Additionally, Fuuma wears a tengu mask. It is red in color with black markings and golden eyes. White hair frames the mask and reaches down into a long, hanging beard. The mask also includes a small, black cap called tokin.


  • The literal meaning of King Fuuma's name is "King of the Wind".