Oni Papa
Title(s) Oni
Affiliation(s) Aka and Ao
Hair Color       Black
Eye Color       Black
Game Debut Sugar Shooter 2

Oni Papa (鬼パパ) first appears in Sugar Shooter 2 as an enemy to Prince Satan.


Sugar Shooter 2Edit



Oni Papa is a grown-man with a bodybuilder-like physique and a light, violet skin-tone. His eyes are down-turned with small pupils; the color is black.

As an oni, he has a number of distinguishing features. Oni Papa has pointed-ears, an inhuman skin-tone, and horns on either side of his head.

Oni Papa's hair is short and shaggy with a chinstrap beard; the color matches his eyes. The beard frames his face and is accessorized with a golden tie at the bottom. His eyebrows are thick and long, with split-ends. He also has body hair which grows from his chest, abdomen, forearms, underarms, legs, and pubic region.

Oni Papa's outfit is based on feudal Japanese attire. He wears a revealing yukata, tied with a black obi. It is bole-colored and patterned in light circles. Underneath, he wears a white fundoshi with a thick cloth. A pair of black tabi-socks are included. Additionally, Oni Papa wields a large kanabō.



  • As of Sugar Shooter 2, Oni Papa has the most body hair of all the characters in the series.