Title(s) Gate Guardian
Affiliation(s) Wagashi Kingdom
Hair Color       Black
Eye Color       Black
Game Debut Sugar Shooter 2

Saijoni (西園寺) is introduced as a non-playable boss character for the 1st Episode of Sugar Shooter 2.


Sugar Shooter 2Edit

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Saijoni's job is to make sure that only those authorized with a passport may gain passage through the gate into the Wagashi Kingdom. When Prince Satan arrives at the gate in pursuit of Toryu, Saionji informs him of the legal requirements. Due to Satan's lack of a passport, he decides to force his way in.

Saionji is defeated, and Satan decides to "play" with him. Afterwards, Saionji retreats in embarrassment.

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Saionji is a boy with a bodybuilder-like physique and a pale, ivory skin-tone. His eyes are oblong and curve-cornered with wide pupils; the color is an aubergine black.

Saionji's hair is short, with thin bangs and long eartails, which he has folded up in white wraps; the color matches his eyes. His eyebrows are spiky and rectangular. He also has body hair which grows from his underarms, legs, and pubic region.

Saionji's outfit is based on ancient Japanese attire. He wears a white blouse with long sleeves and a red bow at the front of the collar. At his waist he wears a red and yellow sash, which tie together. His pants are white and loose-fitted like his blouse, and they have long, red bows tied below each knee. He also wears white wraps on his wrists and ankles. Underneath, he wears a white fundoshi. Short, brown gloves and bootees are included. Additionally, Saionji wields a shortsword.


Saionji has a civil and mannerly demeanor. In general, he is lawful and kind. Saionji has a strong tendency to address others with honorifics, even in intense situations.


  • "Stop right there!"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Do you have your passport?"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Sir, without a valid passport, it is not possible to enter the country of Zipang..."Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Owwie... You criminals..."Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Eh?"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "S, stop that, sir!!"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Sir, w-what are you-!?"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Please stop, sir! I beg of you!"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Ahhh... I-I'm cumming..."Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Aaaaahh!!!"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Uwahh... Ahhhh... Hnnng..."Sugar Shooter 2
  • "N-No! I-I'm cumming again, sir!"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "Ahhh!! Aaaahhhhh!"Sugar Shooter 2
  • "My stomach is burning up..."Sugar Shooter 2
  • "T-This isn't good. I have to retreat!"Sugar Shooter 2


  • The literal meaning of Saionji's name is "Western Garden Temple".
  • In real life, Saionji is a Japanese surname of former court aristocrat descendants known as kuge.
  • Unlike with the other boss-fights in Sugar Shooter 2, Saionji's escape quote is used even when the player manages to fully strip him.