Genre Erotic, Bullet Hell Shmup
Developer Dudedle Studio
Publisher Dudedle Studio
Designer Takezamurai
Platform Windows, Mac
First Release Sugar Shooter
November 14, 2010
Latest Release Sugar Shooter 2
February 19, 2012

Sugar★Shooter (シュガー★シューター) is a Japanese, erotic-game series of shoot-'em-ups. The first game was released in 2010, and was developed by Dudedle Studio, with artist Takezamurai, for the Microsoft Windows operating system. The sequel was announced in 2011,[1] following a release date of 2012.


Sugar ShooterEdit

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The first game of the Sugar Shooter series was released in late 2010.

Sugar Shooter 2Edit

See Also: Sugar Shooter 2

The second game in the series, Sugar Shooter 2 was released in early 2012.


Sugar Shooter is an offshoot of shmups known as bullet-hell, or danmaku. The series is also eroge, making it a cute-'em-up as well. Furthermore, it is a vertical-scroller, meaning the action scrolls up and is viewed from a top-down perspective. In each game, the system is designed so that the player can strip the bosses of their armor, so as to unlock erotic CGs.


The first Sugar Shooter is played using mouse controls, but with the release of Sugar Shooter 2, a switch to keyboard controls was made. The first game also features boss-fights for each stage, and a boss-rush mode for the final stage, but as of the sequel, all stages feature full gameplay leading up to the boss-fights. 3D backgrounds were also introduced in the sequel, which replaced the 2D backgrounds in the first game. Unlike before, the 3D backgrounds also feature transitions as the player progresses through the stage. Other features that were introduced in the sequel include playable partner-characters, laser bullets, a fourth difficulty-mode, practice mode, theater-mode, and online score-boards.



Each game takes place in a designated kingdom. Following the series' theme, the lands are covered with either terrain or creatures made of, or relating to, sweets. The first game takes place in the Sugar Kingdom; a land made of sweets. The second game takes place in the Wagashi Kingdom; a land with creatures resembling sweets.


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Prince Satan is the main playable-character of the series, but the sequel introduced selectable partner-characters. The series also features boss-characters, each having his own unique personality and theme.

Most characters appear human, but there are a number of characters who are nonhuman beings; supernatural abilities are also common amongst the characters. Most characters also have mixes of masculine and boyish features, with pubescent and adolescent traits. All characters are male, but there are elements which allude to females existing in the universe.

Other MediaEdit


After the release of the game, a demo version was made available for the original Sugar Shooter.[2] The demo featured the first stage of the game with all of the first character's CGs being unlockable.

Pre-orders were available for Sugar Shooter 2 until a month before the game's release.[3] Pre-order options included the Sugar Shooter 2 Original Soundtrack, original sketches, and a limited edition mug. Any amount spent on Sugar Shooter 2 beyond the base-cost also counted towards specific member badges on the forums.

Before the game's release, the Sugar Shooter 2 - Demo High Score Contest was held.[4] Four winners for each difficulty were chosen by highest scores, and a fifth winner was chosen by a random, luck drawing. Winners could choose among a free copy of the final game, the OST, and a wall-clock exclusive to those who had pre-ordered the game. Additionally, all winners were given a member badge granting them access to the secret lab section of the forum.


In Japan, there were pre-order and limited-edition exclusives available to fans purchasing physical copies of the game.[5][6][7] All items featured original-designs, and were included in an exclusive shopping-bag. Items included an iPhone case, a face-towel, and postcards; fans were given one of four cards at random with their purchase.[8]

Dudedle Studio opened their own store through CafePress, featuring exclusive Sugar Shooter merchandise.[9] Items in the store currently include throw pillows, mousepads, mugs, and the wall-clock previously exclusive to the Demo High Score Contest.[10]


16418271 big p0

The Hugging Pillow Catalog! cover-art.

Sugar Shooter's first artbook, the Hugging Pillow Catalog!, was released February, 2011 on DiGiket,[11] and was made available for non-Japanese customers May, 2011 through DLsite.[12] The book comes in full-color with hugging pillow illustrations of each character from the first game. It also includes illustrations used in other merchandise; such as the pocket-tissue and limited-edition mug.[13]


After the game's release, the Sugar Shooter 2 Original Soundtrack became available for individual purchase.[14] The OST is also on the Dudedle Studio YouTube channel, for free listening purposes.[15]



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